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Frankies Auto Sales Near Dyer 46311 Sells Certified Pre Owned Cars

When you go to a used car dealership you want to be sure you are getting the best quality car you can. At Frankies Auto Sales near Dyer 46311 we are stocked full with certified pre-owned cars that go through safety and product testing so you don’t find some unwanted surprises just a few miles after you leave. The Frankies Auto Sales certified pre owned car dealership will help you find the vehicle you need at a price you’ll be happy with.

Don’t be fooled by some of those other dealerships that claim to put their pre-owned vehicles through testing. At Frankies Auto Sales near Dyer we carry only certified pre owned cars that meet high manufacturer standards. Some of those independent dealers don’t even check to see what aftermarket parts are in their pre-owned vehicles. At Frankies Auto Sales we make sure that any replacement parts in our certified pre-owned vehicles are up to manufacturer standards. Some of those aftermarket parts can actually to more harm than good and can actually hurt your safety rating in the event of a crash.

A certified pre owned vehicle insures that you have vehicle that’s held to the highest of safety standards so you can rest easy knowing you have something that isn’t going to fall apart just a few miles down the road. We make sure you get a quality vehicle that can be with you for the long haul.

Another advantage of coming to our certified used car dealership is that you get great service from our dedicated team. We know exactly what goes into your certified pre-owned vehicle and we know exactly what it needs to keep it running in top shape. They’ll make sure you get the exact right car that fits your lifestyle, whether your drive it hard or easy, in the cold or the heat, we’ll be sure you get a certified pre-owned vehicle best suited for your needs .

Ultimately getting a certified pre-owned car from Frankies Auto Sales near Dyer means you get peace of mind knowing you bought a great product from a reputable dealer. You can drive with confidence knowing you have the best parts in a smooth running and safe vehicle and you know you’ll get it all at a price you can afford. The Frankies Auto Sales near Dyer 46311 certified pre-owned car dealership will make sure you get the best car for your money.

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Comptroller Audrey  Gunnum
Audrey Gunnum
888-430-7119 Accounting
Service Manager Louis  Fioretti
Louis Fioretti
Service Manager
(219) 322-4498

Having 28 yrs. experience in the automotive industry, across multiple companies, solidifies Louis as a top notch leader in our service department. Whether its a simple oil change or an engine rebuild, our customers can rest assure they will be treated with the utmost respect as well as receiving top quality service to their vehicle.

Sales Manager Rich  Master
Rich Master
Sales Manager

Over 25 years of automotive experience.

Finance Manager Scott  Thorne
Scott Thorne
Finance Manager

Started with Frankie's as a sales representative and quickly moved up the ranks to finance. His experience in this field allows our team of finance officers to get our customers the great deals they expect. He is always willing to give each customer the attention they deserve so that they may drive away in the car of their dreams

Receptionist Tracy        Mendez-William
Tracy Mendez-William
888-430-7119 BDC
Sales Rep. Avery  Rosen
Avery Rosen
Sales Rep.
888-430-7119 Sales
Sales Rep. Dean  Miller
Dean Miller
Sales Rep.
888-430-7119 Sales
Sales Manager Lace  Clanton
Lace Clanton
Sales Manager
888-430-7119 Sales
Sales Rep. Marvin  Searles
Marvin Searles
Sales Rep.
888-430-7119 Sales